Welcome to Peripheral Visions.  I am building this space to share my visual (and in the future, written) explorations.  It’s called Peripheral Visions because, in much of the work to be presented here, I seek to push the boundaries within which we perceive our world.  Paying attention to what is at the edges of our visual field or our consciousness can be fun and even enlightening.

Our eyes and mind tend to gravitate toward the comfort of clarity and familiar patterns, including with photographic images.  However, I sometimes experiment with techniques that transform my subjects in some way.  For example, when I make long exposures, my goal is to create a sufficient impression to stimulate the viewer’s imagination while conveying a sense of motion or energy.  These images are best viewed with a soft gaze from some distance, similar to taking in an impressionist painting.  For the long exposures (up to 30 seconds), I hand hold the camera and use a neutral density (darkening) filter to prevent overexposure.  Another technique I am exploring is an in-camera reflection tool through which I can compose mirrored images.  Even when using more conventional photographic techniques, I try to offer novel perspectives on, or create a bit of ambiguity about, otherwise familiar subjects.  I post-edit my images (e.g. for color balance, intensity and brightness) through Adobe Lightroom.  Otherwise, I don't manipulate them. 

Over time I plan to rotate image portfolios, adding new ones and archiving others.  I also plan to add an on-line form for commenting on the site, inquiring about obtaining photographs, and otherwise contacting me.  In the meantime, feel free to email me at keith.kozloff@verizon.net with questions or if you would like to be notified when new portfolios become added. 

Thanks for visiting.