When meadows are grey with the morn
In the dusk of the woods it is night:
The oak and the birch and the pine
War with the glimmer of light.

Dryads brown as the leaf
Move in the gloom of the glade;
When meadows are grey with the morn
Dim night in the wood has delayed.

The cocks that crow to the land
Are faint and hollow and shrill:
Dryads brown as the leaf
Whisper, and hide, and are still.

Siegfried Sassoon

In Sassoon’s poem, dryads are shy forest nymphs from Greek mythology. In other animistic spiritual traditions, elements of the world are thought to have an inner life or consciousness not readily accessible to human perception. If consciousness is an integral part of the physical world, then there is an immense amount of invisible inner experience going on all around us that is presently inaccessible to humans.

In order for me to be able to observe and record these otherwise unseen consciousnesses, I activated an in-camera reflection tool. As I move my camera across the landscape, I simply have to be patient and wait for them to emerge into my visual field.  In my imagination, they are silent and omnipresent guardians of our world.